Britta Hansen

Effect of phenytoin ominflammatory indicators produced by macrophage

Biology (Class of 2007), Dr. Lammert britta hansen


As of 2008, Britta is a student in the UC Berkeley School of Optometry.

Was your research experience valuable?

"I feel that my research experience during my undergraduate career helped me to gain important insight into the scientific process. The independence that I learned doing laboratory research, and the appreciation that I gained for the scientific process are reasons why I am thankful that I did it. Given my professional path, it was not important to me that I publish papers, but rather, that I gained experience to appreciate the work that is done in science. My professional career of optometry--and all professions--relies greatly on the efforts of researchers. Some of the leading Vision Science researchers are teaching my courses in optometry school at Berkeley, and I have a level of respect and awe for them that I would not have without my experiences working in Dr. Lammert's immunology lab without windows on beautiful summer days."

"My biology education from Gustavus is indespensible. I have felt overly prepared for my education at the highest-rated optometry school in the nation. The expectations of my professors at Gustavus, and the thought and care with which they instructed their classes taught me discipline and responsibility in a college setting--something that my classmates who attended public universities did not have. When one of my professors presented slides from the neurobiology textbook used in Dr. Ferragamo's upper level Neurobiology class at Gustavus, the biggest smile came across my face; I left Gustavus with an awesome biology education, something that has prepared me for professional school as well as the world outside, and I'm so proud."