FYRE Program Timeline and Application2021 Edition

Students interested in research opportunities through the FYRE program in the summer of 2021 should follow the instructions below, and pay close attention to the dates, as the timeline is relatively short. There are two main elements of the application process (details below):

  • Students meet with a minimum of three faculty mentors to discuss research projects, and rank them in order of interest.
  • Students complete two application forms as described below: 1) signatures from faculty mentors and ranking of projects; and 2) other information including answers to three essay questions, identification of three references, and confirmation of eligibility.

Student Eligibility

All Gustavus students who are currently in the first year in residence, and expect to continue their enrollment at Gustavus in the fall of 2021, are eligible for the FYRE Program.

Application Timeline

  • January 29 - Project opportunity review opens; students begin discussing projects with faculty mentors
  • Wednesday, March 3 - Student applications due at 5 PM (submit to Jennifer Kruse in the Biology Department Office, NHS 2147)
  • About April 1st - Notification of applicant status begins

Application Process

  1. Visit the list of FYRE project opportunities for the 2021 program. Browse all of the projects and see which ones are interesting to you.
  2. Download and complete the FYRE project interest form . This, as well as a copy of your unofficial transcript, must be submitted by 5 PM on March 3rd in person to Jennifer Kruse at NHS 2147) - You are asked to discuss potential projects with at least three different faculty mentors, obtain their signatures, and rank the projects in order of your interest in the opportunity.
  3. Complete this form (Eligibility, Courses, References, and Narrative Responses) by 5 PM on March 3rd. This is a web form, and you should ultimately submit your responses through this form. However, you can view all of the questions before submitting in this 2021 Application.