Jesse Yeakle


Videographer - Photographer in Marketing and Communication

My name is Jesse Alan Yeakle, I am a published photographer and filmmaker based in Minnesota U.S. My work lately evolves around lifestyle, wellness products, and candid pictures of my friends, family, and dog (Fig). I also capture commercial content for businesses around Minnesota, whether that be architectural photography or videography for a real-estate company, a new headshot for a local clinic, capturing history as a documentary filmmaker, or photographing candid moments at events or weddings. I enjoy capturing everything and am always eager to learn about a different avenue to take with my camera. My work has been seen in the New York Times, and the Star Tribune (Minneapolis Newspaper).

A few of my favorite things are: my dog, beaches, mountains, dancing, surfing, snowboarding, or anything that itches my inner adrenaline junkie, reading, learning new things, and of course photography - in which I am currently trying to learn and practice street photography. I find street photography interesting because it ties together many aspects of photography into a single form. It combines motion, light, shapes, landscapes, portraits, and uses buildings, cars, and people to create compositions to make the day to day human life seem interesting, beautiful, and inspiring.


BA in Film and Media Studies