David Jessup


Instructor in Scandinavian Studies

In 2014, I joined the Department of Scandinavian Studies as an instructor of Swedish.

Prior to coming to Gustavus, I taught for the Departments of History and English at the University of Washington and in the Department of History at Minnesota State University. As a fellow of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, I spent twelve months as a visiting researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden.

My published research has appeared in Alaska History, The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, The American Review of Canadian Studies, Scandinavian Studies, and (most recently) in Den engasjerte kosmopolitt: Nye Bjørnson-studier, published by the National Library of Norway.


B.A., Rice University; M.A., University of Alaska; Ph.D. (candidate), University of Washington

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
SWE-101 Swedish I 10 2022/FA, 2021/FA, 2020/FA, 2019/FA, 2018/FA, 2017/FA, 2016/FA, 2015/FA, and 2014/FA
SWE-102 Swedish II 10 2022/SP, 2021/SP, 2020/SP, 2019/SP, 2018/SP, 2017/SP, 2016/SP, and 2015/SP
HIS-218 Scandinavia to 1800 1 2022/FA
SWE-202 Intermediate Swedish II 1 2022/SP
SWE-201 Intermediate Swedish I 1 2021/FA