Anna Hulseberg


Associate Professor and Electronic Resources Librarian in Library

I am on sabbatical leave spring semester 2022.

My interest in librarianship began early on, as a child playing “library,” organizing my books, stamping them with due dates, and checking them out to my sister. Since joining the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library in 2002, I've been contributing to the library's reference, instruction, and collection development programs. I also manage the library's electronic resource collection and participate in shared management of the library. My research and professional interests include collaborative library work environments, electronic resources management, and information-seeking behavior. I am former treasurer of the Minnesota Library Association. At Gustavus, I have served as a member of the First Term Seminar Program Advisory Board, chair of the Faculty Development Committee, chair of the Program Assessment and Development Committee, and secretary of the Gustavus Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. I live in St. Peter with my family.


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B.A., English, Northwestern University; MS, Library & Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.A., Technical Communication, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
NDL-201 Reading Workshop 6 2020/SP, 2019/SP, 2018/SP, 2017/SP, 2016/SP, and 2014/SP
NDL-109 Fact and Fiction 1 2011/JN