The Rhythm of Gustavus Sophomore Students

Changing With the Seasons

Some of the biggest adjustments sophomore students can be facing

  • Tend to feel removed from campus life and may fall into The Sophomore Slump
  • The Sophomore Slump can be defined as doubting lifestyle choices; dissatisfaction in relationships; uncertainty regarding the future; lacking motivation and increased apathy
  • Freedman in 1956 determined that “sophomores seemed to be the least satisfied of all students.”
  • Exploring and choosing a major/career is a dilemma, which can be influenced by parent approval/disapproval or personal interest
  • A rising need for students to take ownership of their education and career path
  • Depending on ability to develop emotional independence and autonomy, the student may allow parent approval/disapproval to effect decision to choose a particular major or career path.
  • Establishing involvement in organizations and activities to develop leadership skills and values
  • May allow peer group to define who they are as individuals
  • Students may experience depression
  • May be questioning their identity, sexual orientation, relationships with parents, relationships with girlfriends or boyfriends or lack of intimate relationships
  • At the end of the sophomore year students should have narrowed in on major

Helping your Gustavus sophomore as they spread their wings

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