The Rhythm of Gustavus Junior Students

Changing With the Seasons

  • Seem to be mature and have a renewed sense of self
  • Taking courses for major; knowledge and skills set is further developed
  • Developing the ability to acknowledge strengths, weaknesses and values
  • Using what is learned in class to apply to real social issues
  • Exploring and seeking out leadership and community service activities
  • Traveling or studying abroad is an experience that students embark upon during the J-term, a semester or even a year which can further develop their knowledge, skills and abilities in and outside of the classroom
  • Attending on and off-campus job fairs especially for internship search
  • Preparing for the graduate school application process including the graduate admission tests
  • With a career counselor discuss future plan options of either graduate/professional school or employment immediately following graduation
  • Can gather field experience in area of interest through internship, volunteering, summer job, research with professor
  • Should be developing a list of professional and academic references

Helping your Gustavus Junior as they spread their wings

  • Encourage your student to get involved with an organization tied to their major
  • Offer additional contacts for them to network with and have them possibly schedule informational interviews with
  • Have a conversation about your students’ career goals
  • Advise your student to acquire experience to meet their career goals

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