The Rhythm of Gustavus Senior Students

Changing With the Seasons

  • A time of reflection on the past as a preparation point for the future
  • Bridging the gap between academic and extracurricular experiences
  • Making major coursework to career transition
  • Attending the Career fair
  • Determining school loan debt and other financial responsibilities for the future could be stressful
  • Seeking closure not just at graduation but it is a series of steps
  • Transitioning into to adulthood and becoming a citizen in the real world
  • Staying connected and keeping the relationships alive that have defined them for the past four years can be a transition in itself

Helping your Gustavus senior as they spread their wings

  • Discuss with your student their future plans to either attend graduate/professional school or obtain a job
  • Listen and don't worry as your student makes some tough decisions
  • Support the personal adjustment of your senior during their transition from college to after-college life
  • Actively encourage students as they are job searching and exploring but be careful of expectations

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