Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orientation mandatory?

You are strongly encouraged to take part in all Orientation activities. You are a college student now, and you'll quickly find that what you get out of college is in direct correlation with what you put in to the experience. You won't have to live by "the bell" or answer to roll call anymore. Attendance isn't taken at Orientation. However, you've chosen a small school with an intimate community and so you can be assured that if you miss a meeting with your Greeter, he or she will notice and will check in to make sure you're OK. The Orientation schedule is carefully laid out to maximize your first few days here socially, emotionally, and academically. We know it's a busy, stressful time and you may feel tired and overwhelmed. There will be plenty of time (more than you can imagine!) for you to arrange your room and just "hang out" once classes begin.

If you have a family wedding, 4-H exhibit at the State Fair, or something else which means you must arrive late to campus or miss a day of Orientation, you should e-mail Andrea Junso at so we know of your planned absence.

I am a fall athlete and will already be on campus early. Do I still need to attend Orientation?
You will form a wonderful bond with your teammates as you go through pre-school practices and (sometimes) games. However, this bond will be with a limited number of people, most often of the same gender as you. We highly encourage you to attend as much of Orientation as your athletic schedule allows, because it will offer opportunities for you to interact with your many classmates who are not your teammates. You will learn about educational initiatives and services provided which are covered exclusively during Orientation. Once classes begin the majority of your time will be spent away from your team, and getting to know others during Orientation and learning about campus resources will assist your overall transition to Gustavus.
Will there be anyone to help my family and me with moving in all of my stuff?
Yes!! To showcase the Gustie community spirit, a "Move Crew" (consisting of athletic teams), will be on hand at the residence halls to assist with moving your belongings to your room.
When will my parents leave?
For good or bad, parents are asked to depart around 4 p.m. on move in day. Many families accompany their student to Convocation in Christ Chapel and then depart shortly thereafter.
How do I obtain my ID card, student employment information, etc.?

You need to check in at two places on move in day. One is your residence hall, to receive your keys. The other is at the Information Desk in the Jackson Campus Center. There you will receive a packet of information that includes your Orientation group assignment and Orientation schedule, faculty advisor assignment, student employment information, and your Gustavus ID if you have not already obtained it. The Information Desk is a great place to stop back throughout Orientation with any questions you may have.

What is my mailing address?

You are a person and not a number here at Gustavus. The only address necessary for delivery is:
Your Name
Gustavus Adolphus College
800 West College Ave.
St. Peter, MN 56082
When will I receive my e-mail address and password?
You should have already received information about your e-mail address in the mail, along with instructions for activating your account. If you're having any problems activating your account, or don't know your email username or password, please contact the Technology Helpline at (507)-933-6111 or
How will I get hooked up to the internet?

All students have access to the Gustavus Wireless network which is available campuswide. Use of the campus network requires a one time (per academic year), web based registration and is required for all devices used on campus. This includes laptops, gaming devices, cell phones, tablets, etc. To register your device, you will need your Gustavus User Account (email) username and password to register your items on the campus network. For assistance getting started, go to the Gustavus Wireless Network page online or contact Gustavus Technology Services (GTS) at (507) 933-6111 or

Do I need a parking permit if I have a car on campus?

A parking permit is required for students to park on campus. Online registration is available through August 21st. Permit decals will be found in your campus mailbox upon arrival on Move-In Day. 2022-2023 Student Parking Permits are priced as follows: RED: $290 for the academic yearor YELLOW: $150 for the academic year. Visit the Campus Safety website to complete the application process and for more information regarding permit types. Visitor parking is closed to students and staff at all times and during the school year, a visitor permit is required for any overnight guests. Visit the Campus Safety office (Norelius Hall, basement "A" wing) or call 507-933-8888 with any parking related questions.