Spanish Teaching Major

The Spanish Section works in connection with the Education Department to prepare students for the teaching profession and certification by the state.

  • Admission to the Spanish Teaching major is by application and interview in the Department of Education, normally during the sophomore year.
  • Spanish Teaching majors must complete all Spanish major requirements (9 courses graded C or better), MLC-357, the Spanish Senor Portfolio, and all courses required for licensure, including student teaching (see Education Department).
  • The Minnesota Board of Teaching requires that all Spanish Teaching candidates achieve an oral proficiency level of Intermediate High on the ACTFL proficiency scale. In order to achieve this level, most students need to study in a Spanish-speaking country for a minimum of one semester.
  • All Spanish Teaching students must complete an official Oral Proficiency Interview prior to student teaching. Students who do not obtain Intermediate High or higher will not be allowed to student teach. In order to submit an official oral proficiency reading, students can contact the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) directly trough their website to schedule an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

If you are interested in the Spanish Teaching Major at Gustavus, please contact Professor Maria Isabel Kalbermatten.