Language Courses and Requirements at Gustavus

Learning a second language is a key piece of a well-rounded education in the reality of today’s global world. No matter what you choose to study, learning another language will open new possibilities for you in the future and will enhance your resumes in an increasingly competitive job market. Language study is central to the college experience in exploring how as individuals we relate to the rest of the planet. Deepening the study of another language opens your eyes to new realities and other ways to see the world. Whether you want to explore a new language, expand your knowledge of another language and cultural understanding of the world, or meet the minimum college requirements, the following links will guide you on how to start or continue your language studies at Gustavus. 

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If you have previous coursework in a non-English language, it is to your benefit to register for language courses as soon as possible in your freshman year to avoid long gaps. We highly recommend you register in a language course your first semester at Gustavus. If you are unable to take a language course in the Fall, make sure to add it to your Spring registration.