Staff & Departments

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library

Name Title Phone
Julie Gilbert ’99 Julie Gilbert ’99 Associate Professor & Chair 507-933-7552
Barbara Fister Barbara Fister Professor 507-933-7553
Anna Hulseberg Anna Hulseberg Associate Professor 507-933-7566
Jeff Jenson Jeff Jenson College and Lutheran Church Archivist / Associate Professor 507-933-7572
Dan Mollner Dan Mollner Associate Professor 507-933-7569
Michelle Twait ’98 Michelle Twait ’98 Associate Professor 507-933-7563
Diane Christensen Diane Christensen Acquisitions and Cataloging Manager 507-933-7560
James Nickras James Nickras Digital Collections Manager 507-933-7562
Janice Nordstrom Janice Nordstrom Information Desk and Collections Manager 507-933-7558
Melissa Perron Melissa Perron Metadata and Ils Manager 507-933-7561
Sonja Timmerman ’98 Sonja Timmerman ’98 Interlibrary Loan Manager 507-933-7564
Adrianna Darden Adrianna Darden Archives Specialist 507-933-7554
Mark Kump Mark Kump Media Collections Specialist 507-933-7571
Jeannie Peterson Jeannie Peterson Budget and Institutional Data Specialist 507-933-7576 and 507-933-7556
Guenter Esslinger Guenter Esslinger Professor Emeritus
Mike Haeuser Mike Haeuser Professor Emeritus