Special Programs for U.S. Scholars

A number of special program also exist. For those interested in applying to a program listed below, CIES provides special publications and application instructions. For more information, see the CIES website.

  • The Distinguished Chairs Program offers over 30 distinguished lecturing or distinguished lecturing/research positions in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Russia and Europe. Designed for eminent scholars, these awards are among the most prestigious. The special application deadline for this program is May 1.
  • The European Union Affairs Program offers research grants for the study of European Union economic policy, business strategy, enlargement, security, politics, institutions and other topics.
  • The International Education Administrators Program offers specialized seminar programs in Germany, Japan and Korea and is designed to introduce international education administrators to the society, culture and higher education systems in these countries. The special application deadline for the Japan and Korea programs is November 1. The special application deadline for the German program is February 1.
  • The German Studies Seminar is a three-week seminar designed for U.S. scholars of German studies and other disciplines related to the seminar topic. Recent topics have included "International Migration and National Identities: Challenges in Demographics," and "Visual Culture in German Film, Television and the Internet." The special application deadline for this program is November 1.
  • Several regional or joint country awards allow lecturing or research activities in two or more countries, including joint awards in Argentina and Uruguay, and Austria and Hungary.
  • Regional programs include the African Regional Research Program; the Middle East, North Africa, South and Central Asia Regional Research Programs; and the European Union Affairs Research Program.