Global Fulbright Scholar Programs

The core Fulbright Scholar Program has expanded to include a variety of grant opportunities that open a world of possibilities to Fulbright Scholars.

  • The Fulbright Senior Specialists Program offers grants of two to six weeks to faculty and professionals in a variety of disciplines. It offers opportunities for grantees to collaborate with professional counterparts on curriculum and faculty development, institutional planning and a variety of other activities that relate directly to the host institution's needs. Applicants apply online through the CIES Web site. CIES maintains a roster of Senior Specialists, matching them with requests coming from overseas Fulbright Commissions or U.S. diplomatic posts. This program has a rolling deadline.
  • The Fulbright New Century Scholars Program brings together an international group of academics and professionals to work collaboratively on a single subject of global significance. Topics have covered "Challenges of Health in a Borderless World," "Addressing Sectarian, Ethic and Cultural Conflict Within and Across National Borders," "Toward Equality: The Global Empowerment of Women," "Higher Education in the 21st Century: Global Challenge and National Response," and "Higher Education in the 21st Century: Access and Equity." The academics and professionals selected as New Century Scholars come from a variety of disciplines and fields. They participate in a two- to six-month international exchange to further their research and investigate comparative approaches in the United States and overseas.