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New Zealand and Australia, Olympic Quest 2016

Great Barrier Reef 2016   Australia/New Zealand

Great Barrier Reef, Australia (left) and Rotorua, New Zealand (right)

australia 2016   Australia 2016

Cairns, Australia (left) and Torquay surf lesson, Australia (right)

Scandinavia, Olympic Quest 2014

ski jump         dogsled

China & London, Olympic Quest 2012

great wall    greatwall
Great Wall of China, 2012

Sotogrande International School, Spain; Samantha Nelson (Broderius) '11 student teaching 2011

Sam1  sam2

Germany, France, Spain; Olympic Quest 2010

olympic quest normandy   Germany
Normandy, France (left); Lichtenstein Castle, Germany (right)

Greece, Italy, Switzerland; Olympic Quest 2008

Delphi  dephi 2

Delphi, Greece


                        Rome, Italy