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Replying to a Moodle Forum

With students in mind, this shows the steps to reply to a forum in Moodle.

Replying to a Forum

Moodle Forums

This documentation will walk you through the basics of Moodle Forums and some simple settings that you can change to help the forum better suit your teaching style. It covers the topics of types of forums, subscribing to forums, ways to use forums, and restrictions that can be placed on forums.

Moodle Forums

Restoring a course from a .zip backup
This is very similar to performing an "import," except instead of importing individual files, you will restore the entire contents of a course (except for student data) to a new course from a .zip file. With the upgrade to Moodle 2, you will need to use the Restore function to bring your content from Moodle 1.9 into a new Moodle 2 course, rather than importing. Once content is in your Moodle 2 course, then you will be able to import between courses or from semester to semester, as you have in the past in Moodle 1.9. Complete instructions for Restoring a Course are available for download as a PDF.

Restoring a Course

Importing course content from a previous semester

This documentation will walk you through the steps of importing content from a previous semester's Moodle course and importing that data into a current semester Moodle course. These steps will allow you to import between courses or from semester to semester. Instructions are available as a PDF.

Importing a Course