Moodle Journal

Moodle Journal

Moodle's Journal feature allows professors to have students create journals that will only be visible to the professor and the student who wrote it.

Creating a Journal

Once you are logged into your Moodle class and turned editing on (see Moodle Basics for more information) select the "Add an activity" menu an choose Journal.


Doing so will bring you to a new page in which you can name and define the journal assignment as well as determine the grading scale. Once you have completed this step click Continue.


Once the Journal has been created it will look like this:


Students will click on the Start or edit my journal entry to begin their journal. Once students have written entries you will be able to read and evaluate them by clicking on the link i the top right that says View # Journal entries (where # = the number of entries completed). You may also edit the assignment and preferences after you have created the journal by clicking on the Update this journal button in the top-right corner.