Moodle Basics

Moodle Basics is a quick reference guide intended to show users how to log in, find and manage their courses.

Logging into Moodle

Go to the Moodle web interface at: Note: there is no www in the address.

On the opening page, login in using your Gustavus email username and password.

Finding your Courses

Once you’ve logged in, your personalized Moodle page will load. (See picture below.) This page will include links to your courses on the left, news in the middle, and Moodle resources on the right. Clicking on any of these class links will allow you to set up that class in Moodle.


Editing Your Classes

Note: Only course instructors and administrative staff may edit courses in Moodle

Once you’ve opened your course, you can then begin customizing your course by adding files, linking to resources, creating quizzes, forums, etc. To begin editing your course, click the "Turn Editing On" button, located in the upper right-hand corner.