Nobel Conference 50

Where Does Science Go from Here?
Oct. 7 & 8, 2014

Celebrating 50 years of the Nobel Conference

Since the dawn of civilization humans have wondered about the world around them, how it works, and how it came into existence. Arguably, the greatest progress in our understanding of the universe and of ourselves has come in the last two hundred years, with the pace now accelerating to the point that the scientific enterprise is now producing amounts of data that challenge our ability to store and analyze the information. What lit the fuse that resulted in this explosion may be debatable, but the resulting shockwave is carrying all of humanity on an incredible ride as new science and technology doubles and redoubles our understanding of the universe, of our world, indeed of ourselves.

The first 49 Nobel Conferences at Gustavus brought the science and the front of this wave, along with its understanding to lay audiences in the upper Midwest, across the country, and recently around the world. We hope that Nobel Conference 50 participants will look back at recent advances in their areas of science to help us gain some insight into where the wave of new exploration will take us in the next five, ten, even fifty years. “Where Does Science Go from Here?” will be an assembly primarily of previous Nobel Conference participants in all areas of science, economics, and mathematics and as is our tradition, will include philosophers and theologians to help us put it all in perspective.