Nobel Conference 51

Individual Speakers

Dr. Eric Kandel
This website provides an overview of Dr. Kandel’s career and includes a video interview of him.
This short youtube video provides an interesting and engaging look at the biology behind the unconscious mind.

Dr. Denise Kandel
In this article, Dr. Kandel argues that there is a sequence or progression from the use of alcohol and nicotine to marijuana to other drugs. This is a crucial component of her “gateway hypothsis”; some drugs open the door to the use of others.

Dr. Carl Hart
This website contains links to many of his written pieces as well as audio and video interviews.

His most recent book, High Price, is a provocative refutation of the view that drug addiction is the cause of many of society’s problems.

Dr. Marc Lewis
This website contains links to pieces he has written for various publications.

His most recent book, Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, is equal measure interesting biography and excellent scientific explanations of how various drugs affect the brain.

Dr. Owen Flanagan
This link is to an article about the normative/value dimensions of addiction and the role shame may play in prompting people to change.
This link is to a discussion about the relationship between self-control and addiction.

Dr. Sheigla Murphy
This link describes a very recent study about the non-medical use of prescription stimulants.
This link is to a portal with access to a variety of articles by her. Much of her work has focused on women and cocaine.

Treatment Options Panel Speakers

Dr. Mark Willenbring
This link is to a portal with recent columns by him. His columns most usually address questions about different treatment options.

Anne Fletcher
This link is to a portal with recent columns by her. Some amplify her earlier work on Alcoholics Anonymous and different methods for treatment.

Her most recent book, Inside Rehab, examines the state of in- and out-patient treatment centers.

Michael Pantalon
This link is to a portal with recent columns. He has been one of the leaders in professional recovery coaching. One of his articles are directed at families of people who are addicted.

William Cope Moyers

His memoir, Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption, has received many accolades. His most recent book is, Now What? An Insider’s Guide to Addiction and Recovery.

Conference Chair

Peg O’Connor
This link is to a portal with columns that explore the intersection of addiction research and philosophical concerns.
This link is to her blog that introduces philosophical concepts to matters of addiction, treatment, and recovery.

Other resources


  • Knapp, Caroline. Drinking: A Love Story
  • Clegg, Bill. Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man
  • Brownell, Rachael. Mommy Doesn’t Drink Here Anymore

Collegiate Drinking

  • Volkmann, Chris and Toren Volkmann. From Binge to Blackout
  • Vander Ven, Thomas. Getting Wasted