Living with Working

by Jennifer Krempin '96

Throughout your career, you will have wonderful bosses and terrible bosses. Believe it or not, you will learn something from all of them.

Maintain Relationships

Maintain relationships with everyone you meet. In the old days, this was referred to as "networking." Today, it's called "expanding your sphere of influence." In other words, the more people you know as acquaintances, the more people you can call on.

Try New Things

The best advice my dad ever gave me: "You are never stuck." As English and communications majors, your career path is virtually unlimited. If one avenue doesn't feel right, try another.

Get a Mentor

Have at least one fabulous mentor, who can give you advice, help you through difficult times, or make phone calls on your behalf. (Make sure it's someone who is neutral in your life; in other words, not a family member or a boss. Family members usually want to protect you; bosses may use your aspirations against you. A neutral mentor can be honest with you, without having anything at stake.)


Go on interviews, even if you're not looking for a new job. Not only are they good practice for when you do need a new job, but you also will uncover the "loopholes" in skills you'd like to develop more fully.

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