On Writing

by Jennifer Krempin '96

Lose the ego. It's a difficult lesson, albeit an important one. Amateurs guard every word as if it were their last. Professionals are willing to splice, dice, and re-create their work to make it better.


Typos on resumes are never acceptable. If there's a tie between potential candidates, the resume with no typos will always win.

Build Communication Skills

Writers and communicators are necessary to the success of virtually every business in the world. From President Bush's speech writers to the media relations specialists who help land their company's story on Page One of the New York Times, no smart company can do without communicators.

English Majors Can Find Jobs Too!

If anyone ever tries to tell you that English majors can't find jobs, don't believe it! Today's authors, magazine editors, freelance writers, graduate students, reporters, advertising agency executives, communications specialists, speech writers, actors, Web masters, and teachers were yesterday's English students.

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