South Central Crisis CenterEmergency Resources

The Crisis Center is here to provide support for adults with urgent mental health needs. We offer personal care in our comfortable and clean facility when you need it most.

Residential Crisis Stabilization

The South Central Crisis Center/Horizon Homes, Inc. is a 12-bed short term crisis unit, with stays ranging from a few hours to ten days with 24/7 staff on site. Residential services include:

  • Crisis assessment and intervention to help minimize the need for hospitalization or a more restrictive environment
  • Short-term problem solving and counseling
  • Medication education, monitoring and management
  • Symptom management and relapse prevention
  • Family education and support

Non-residential Crisis Stabilization

Non-residential crisis services provided by a Mental Health Professional or Practitioner include:

  • Diagnostic, functional and risk assessments
  • Short-term problem solving, counseling and stabilization
  • Referral and triage

What is a mental health crisis?

A behavioral, emotional or psychiatric situation which significantly impacts your daily functioning. Some examples are:

  • Feelings of stress or overwhelm
  • Plans or thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • Change in ability to carry out daily activities or responsibilities
  • Increase or change in symptoms that may include low or elevated mood, anxiety or panic attacks, hallucinations or delusions (false beliefs)
  • Need for supervised, safe setting while going under medication adjustments ordered by your doctor