Student Teaching

What can I expect from the Gustavus Education Department before, during, and after my student teaching experiences?

Student teaching is the ultimate culmination of all you will learn in your time with the Education Program. Student Teaching is a full semester with the possibility of an additional month over January Term (for students adding endorsements and/or for some of the K-12 licensures) of time in the classroom to prepare Education Majors for their first year of teaching.

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Before student teaching, students complete 2 block semesters called Foundations and Methods. Foundations block is a nearly full course load with classes in Educational Psychology, Literacy, Human Relations, and Inclusive Classrooms. These courses give a good foundation on which to base the rest of your teacher education. Methods block prepares you for the future by providing methods and materials relevant to your desired developmental group. During this time, you will have a practicum experience with your cohort to get you acclimated to the school day and relevant curriculum. This semester prepares you to take your MTLEs (see information in sidebar). During this block, you will meet with our student teaching placement supervisor and fill in some preferences for age group and location for your different student teaching placements.

Gustavus does the student teaching semester a little differently than other Education programs. The semester is split into two 7-week placements in different settings to prepare you as much as possible for the diversity of jobs in your future.

During student teaching, you will attend 3 seminar classes at Gustavus. Seminar classes include preparation for the TPA (see information in sidebar), discussion about successes and challenges at school, and opportunities to develop your interview skills and professional portfolio. Gustavus has student teaching placements around St. Peter or Mankato, as well as placements across Minnesota. There are also options for students teaching in distance placements (e.g. Barrow, Alaska) and international placements (e.g. Sotogrande Spain). See sidebar for more information. 

After student teaching, the relationships that you have developed with the staff and other future educators serve you in finding a job for the coming school year. This page holds the forms you need to complete during and after each placement and some opportunities abroad.