MTLEs and EdTPA and other Exams

Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams and Education Teacher Performance Assessment

The MTLE are a series of computer exams that you need to complete before you can be considered for licensure. We recommend taking the content and pedagogy tests after your Methods Block semester. 

You’ll need to register yourself to take these at a testing center when the time is right for you.

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MTLE stands for Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examination. As an education major you must take the following tests to earn a Minnesota teaching license:


- Elementary Pedagogy (sub-test 1 and sub-test 2)

- Elementary Content (sub-test 1, sub-test 2, sub-test 3)

o If you are getting a middle school endorsement, you must also take the endorsement content tests that are applicable.

Secondary and K-12:

- Secondary Pedagogy (sub-test 1 and sub-test 2)

- Secondary Content (sub-test 1 and sub-test 2) that applies to your area (ie: English, Math, Vocal Music, etc.)

o Most K-12 licensure candidates take the secondary pedagogy exams, but if the elementary pedagogy make more sense for you, you make take those instead.

EdTPA information 

The Teacher Performance Assessment is a portfolio of reflections about a sequence of lessons during your Student Teaching Semester. It must be completed and passed in order to be accepted for graduation and licensure.

For more detailed information about your specific content area and developmental group, go to the EdTPA website and find your relevant handbook. The general explanation of the portfolio is a series of artifacts(lesson plans, videos, student work), reflections, and commentaries regarding 3 tasks relevant to being an educator. The 3 tasks are planning, implementation, and assessment. At Gustavus, you are assigned a TPA reader that helps you create a stellar portfolio through ethical coaching.

Passing Scores for the 3 tasks within your EdTPA:

  • Task 1: Cutscore 13
  • Task 2: Cutscore 13
  • Task 3: Cutscore 12