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Prospective Education Majors

We’re glad you’re interested in the Education Program at Gustavus and would love to have you join us! This page is for prospective education majors looking to learn more about our community. Here you can find information about enrollment, some features our program offers, our beautiful building, and a prerequisite for the education majors in our department: January Term career exploration. Information about admission to the program (process occurs after enrollment and completion of certain prerequisites) can be found in the sidebar below this one.

Here is a list of steps to take to become an education major.

  1. Enrollment, or getting started: Email g-placementcoordinator@gustavus.edu to set up an appointment.
  2. Complete prerequisites for the education program (LINK TO COURSE CATALOGUE)
  3. Complete a writing sample and attend a 15-minute interview with the department to finalize the admission process.

Here is a photo of Kim Meyer meeting with a student about getting started in the Education Department. Here is a photo of a student with her class.

If you’re thinking about becoming an education major and you are a prospective Gustavus Student, email us at g-placementcoordinator@gustavus.edu to set up a line of communication or to have some of your questions answered.

If you are on campus, stop by the office of the Admissions and Placement Coordinator, Julie Gronewold, (Anderson 212), or the Department Chair, Dr. Amy Vizenor (Anderson 208) in Anderson Hall. This will get you connected with the department, and we can talk to you about how your course of study might look if you choose to stick with education through your time at Gustavus.

Here are some Education students at the Library together! Here is a group of Education Majors. Here is a Student Teacher.