Passing Scores for Exams


Passing a series of exams to demonstrate competency in reading, writing, math, pedagogy and licensure field specific content is a requirements for teacher licensure in Minnesota.  

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The MN Board of Teaching has adopted the following passing scores for these exams:

MTLE Pedagogy and Content Exams

All Subtests ≥ 240


Exam Options for Meeting the

Minnesota Basic Skills Requirement

MN Statute 122A.09 Subd.4 (b)

Multi-state NES Essential Academic Skills

Reading: 205

Writing: 214

Math: 213

Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills

Reading:≥ 520

Writing: ≥ 520

Math: ≥ 520

MTLE Basic Skills Test

Discontinued June 8, 2016. Scores of the MTLE are still accepted for meeting the state basic skills requirement:

Reading: 240

Writing: 240

Math: 240

ACT Plus Writing

Combined Score: 22

Combined English/Writing or ELA: 21

1600 SAT  (NEW)

Reading + Writing: 550

Math: 570 

2400 SAT (OLD)

Reading: 510

Writing: 510

Math: 520


Taken prior to 8/1/2011

Verbal Reasoning: 450

Analytical Writing: 3

Quantitative Reasoning: 540

Taken after to 8/1/2011

Verbal Reasoning: 150

Analytical Writing: 3

Quantitative Reasoning: 145

For candidates who have completed their teacher training in other states:

Praxis I

Reading: 173

Writing: 172 

Math: 171

Praxis CORE

Reading: 156

Writing: 162 

Math: 150