Admission into Teacher Education Program

Students who wish to complete teacher education programs at Gustavus must apply for admission to begin the process. Each semester, up to 17 Elementary Education and 17 Secondary Education students are selected for admission.


Teacher Education Program Admission

Here are the forms that you need to fill out in order to be admitted into the department.


  • Complete 8 courses including PSY100, EDU268 and EDU230
  • Complete at least one designated writing source with a grade of C or better
  • All courses complete (no incompletes on record for coursework)
  • Any individual learning plans are resolved
  • No grades lower than a C- in your major coursework, in any Education course, or in any course that fulfills the requirements of the elementary education endorsement
  • Approval by the Department Chairperson of the student's major
  • Successful completion of January Term EDU268
  • Two recommendations by professors outside the Dept of Education
  • An overall minimum GPA of 2.75
  • A writing sample completed in standard sessions for all candidates
  • Personal interview with the Deparment of Education Admissions Committee


Applicants will receive written notice of the formal action taken by the admissions committee and Education Department in the semester in which they apply and prior to registration for the next term. Admission to the program is required for enrollment in advanced level courses in the department. In the event that a student is denied admission to the program by the Gustavus Education Department, and is subsequently unsuccessful in appealing the decision within the department, the student may appeal to the Academic Dean, who will ask for a written statement from both the student and the department prior to rendering a decision. The Dean’s decision will be final.