Asian Cultures Club

Mission Statement

Asian Cultures Club (ACC) promotes the unity, culture and heritage of Asian students, which participates in the wider effort to encourage and promote multicultural awareness. Through campus-wide events, ACC serves as a social network to help Asian students acclimate to the Gustavus community. Furthermore, such activated help staff, students, and community members develop relationships with Asian students to further cross-cultural understanding.

Upcoming Events

Spring Banquet: Mary 13 (Mother's Day)
Our annual banquet is in honor of our seniors, families, and friends for their hard work and support throughout the school year. Friends and family are invited for lunch with a short program and a slideshow of our events this year will be on display.

Pre-finals Bash: May 17 (Reading Day)
Tired of studying? Come take a break and enjoy some free food with the ACC. We will provide dinner for campus at the Courtyard Café which includes Asian food such as egg rolls, sticky rice, and Hmong sausages. We will also be having fruit salad, veggie egg rolls, fried chicken, and sweet drinks. So come on out and enjoy dinner with us!

Contact / Join Us

Meetings are held at The Walker House at 5 p.m. on Wednesday. The Asian Cultures Club welcomes all students, professors, and staff to our organization. If you would like to join, just email our secretary ( to be added to our email alias.