President's Advisory Committee on Diversity

Gustavus is striving "to become a community of persons from diverse backgrounds who respect and affirm the dignity of all people." – Gustavus Mission Statement


The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to advise the President and campus leadership on matters related to diversity at Gustavus. This will be accomplished by assisting in the maintenance of an approved diversity plan, monitoring and periodically reporting in the achievement and non-achievement of plan goals, serving as a resource for information and perspective on institutional diversity issues, and assisting in marshalling resources from the Gustavus community to aid in achieving our diversity goals.

The committee is chartered by the President. Its members are appointed by the President and serve at his/her pleasure. Initially the committee is expected to meet once every two months. It will be convened by the President in cooperation with a chair or convener who will help to provide focus and momentum for its work.

Composition of the committee is expected to be broadly representative of the Gustavus community, including people from the faculty, administrative staff, support staff, the student body and perhaps others from off campus. Interest in participation will be solicited broadly. The President will make the appointments and periodically rotate committee membership. Because this committee is advisory in nature, it will not make or enforce policy and, on its own, it is neither responsible nor accountable for the realization of institutional or individual diversity goals.