Digital Humanities

Library Resource Guide

Barbara Fister, Library Resource

Anna Hulseberg, Library Resource

As a librarian, I coordinate the library’s e-resources collection and I work with faculty in the disciplines to help students engage with information resources. I am excited about the digital humanities as a new vehicle for working with students to develop research questions, search for and evaluate information on those questions, and make their own contributions to the scholarly conversation.

Jeff Jenson, Library Resource

Jeff JensonAs you develop interactive learning assignments for your students, you might need assistance with concept design or technological tools. I’ve worked with many faculty members on interactive projects and have attended dozens of sessions based on the integration of Digital Humanities concepts into classroom contexts. With these experiences in mind, I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you regarding archives/library resources or web-based tools for engaged learning. 

Marni Dunning, Technical Support

Marni DunningI am an Instructional Technologist here at Gustavus. I specialize in technology tools, instructional design strategies, and effective practices for teaching face to face, online or in a blended classroom. My role in Digital Humanities is to assist faculty and students with the use of technology -- helping to make learning fun & engaging and giving the students an enriched learning experience with the use of the latest technology tools.


Digital Humanities Publications

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  • Digital Humanities Quarterly
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  • Journal of Digital Humanities

Outside Resources