Gustavus DH Projects



Razor is a multimedia literary journal founded to publish literature and art, and to investigate the inner workings of the creative process. The first issue was produced by Baker Lawley's 2016 January course "Digital Literature: Editing and Publishing an Online Literary Magazine."

War on Drugs

Blogging site based on the work of students in Carlos Mejia's 2016 January course "Representations of the War on Drugs." The class worked on blogging pieces that could support the vision of the Building Bridges conference to be held at Gustavus Adolphus College in March of 2016: "Silver or Lead: Power and Wealth in the War on Drugs".

 Uncle Sam  

"We Want You!" is a course project begun by Glenn Kranking's Fall 2016 course "Propaganda and Persuasion in the Modern World." It presents analysis and historical context for examples propaganda and analytical essays on connections between propaganda.

A Tree Grows

"A Tree Grows in Schaefer Gallery" is an interactive and environmental gallery space, housing various individual artworks and a larger collaborative project. This project came out of Micah Maatman's January 2016 course "Arts Entrepreneurship."

Homer Multitext Project

Students in the Classics Department, under the advising of Eric Dugdale, have been contributing the to Homer Multitext Project, a multi-institutional project to digitize the earliest surviving manuscript of The Illiad.

GustavusMap App

A group in Glenn Kranking's January 2014 course "History Bytes" produced an app for the iPhone on the history of buildings at Gustavus, using research from the Gustavus Adolphus College Archives. The app is now available on iTunes.