Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee serves as the primary curricular planning body for the faculty, responsible for recommending to the faculty policies and programs that affect the college in general and for reviewing and recommending departmental, interdepartmental, and interdisciplinary programs and policies. The Curriculum Committee also approves new and revised semester and January Term courses, General Education Area courses, Writing courses, and First Term Seminars. The Curriculum Committee welcomes comments about policies it will be recommending to the Faculty, and about courses that are in review. All comments can be emailed to the full committee at:

Curriculum Committee Membership

The Committee has nine elected faculty members, three student members, and ten ex officio.

Proposal Forms and Deadlines

The online course proposal form and deadlines for proposals to the Curriculum Committee can be found at the following Curriculum Committee web pages:

Meeting Times and Dates

Curricular Planning Meetings and Workshops Information