Curriculum Committee

Procedures for Applying for Exemptions for Courses

On this page there are forms and guidelines for applying for Curriculum Committee approval for exemptions to curricular rules governing courses. If you would like a scheduling exemption, please use the AOC exemption request form .

Applying for Exemptions for IEX Courses

IEX Courses may carry Liberal Arts Perspective credit only in exceptional cases. A written request for an exemption must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee after the course has been approved for both IEX and the area credit. This request should make a strong case for how the course meets the following guidelines.

The Curriculum Committee relies on the following guidelines in making decisions about requests that Interim Experience courses carry Liberal Arts Perspective credit:

  • The course meets IEX guidelines and is best taught in the one month, January Term format.
  • The course will not be offered as a regular semester course.

Of secondary importance in our deliberations will be questions of facilities and/or staffing.

Any course given an exemption must both: 1) meet the criteria for January Term IEX courses, e.g., a) "capitalize on the unique opportunities provided by the Interim Experience schedule," and b) "engage students (alone or collaboratively) in experiential learning activities," AND 2) is not requested for such purposes as "(1) steering more students into traditionally under enrolled courses, (2) allowing students to make-up coursework that was failed or from which they withdrew during the regular semester, or (3) encouraging academic departments to offer abbreviated versions of regular semester courses".

Download and email completed Interim Experience Exemption form to the Curriculum Committee Chair.

Applying for Exemptions for Semester Courses

For all other requests for exemptions for semester courses, download and email a completed Course Exemption form to the Curriculum Committee Chair.