Outside Opportunities

Teaching exchange and other opportunities

Teaching Exchanges with Partner Institutions

Kansai Gaidai University Visiting Faculty Program

As part of the exchange agreement between Gustavus and Kansai Gaidai University (KGU), located in Osaka, Japan, Gustavus professors may apply for one or two semesters as a visiting professor at KGU (during your sabbatical terms). Visiting professors teach (in English) two full-semester courses, either in the Asian Studies program (primarily for exchange students) or the English-language program for Japanese students. Courses may be in many different fields of study (but not every field, so interested faculty members are encouraged to inquire). Scholars also participate in departmental colloquia and meetings. Participants generally opt for the exchange during a semester or year of sabbatical. KGU provides an additional monthly stipend of approximately US$1500 per month (paid in yen) plus housing in a faculty apartment. Other costs (airfare and travel costs, personal expenses, utilities of about $200/month etc.) are borne by the participating faculty member. Interested faculty members should contact the CICE director. You will need to send two course concepts (about one paragraph each) for the CICE director to use in pre-vetting with KGU. (In addition, recent participants Henry MacCarthy and Ruth Lin are also happy to answer questions.)

United International College (China) Visiting Faculty Program

As part of the exchange agreement between the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC), of which Gustavus is a member, and United International College (UIC) in Zhuhai, China, Gustavus faculty members may teach for one semester or one year (during a sabbatical period) of teaching at UIC. Course responsibilities and compensation packages vary according to fileds of study, rank, and seniority. Interested faculty members should contact the CICE director. In addition, recent participant Joel Carlin is happy to answer questions.

Other Teaching Away Opportunities

IES Abroad Teaching Grants

IES Abroad, one of Gustavus' partners for student study away programs, offers travel grants for faculty members from participating institutions like Gustavus to teach one course at one of a selected list of IES centers. IES covers the faculty member's travel to and from the site and provides both teaching and housing stipends. The deadlines are December 1 for fall and spring of the next academic year, and June 1 for the following year's summer. You will need to be nominated by the CICE director. More information in the IES faculty webpage.

Georgetown's McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

The McGhee Center recruits faculty to teach in this Turkey-based study abroad program (in English). Georgetown affiliation is not required. Salary is handled individually with each external (non-Georgetown) hire. More information is found in the Center's website.

Semester at Sea

The Semester at Sea program recruits faculty members to teach three courses abroad the floating campus. The program is a comparative intercultural program, and faculty members are expected to include content about all of the countries on the semester voyage's itinerary in their three courses. Faculty receive a stipend of $9000 for the semester, plus all travel costs (arrangements for dependents are possible, too), so most faculty members participate during a semester of sabbatical leave. The Semester at Sea website includes additional information.