Student/Faculty Research in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Gustavus


The Gustavus Chemistry Department encourages student participation in research.

The opportunity for Gustavus students to undertake a research project working with a faculty member is a key part of the pre-professional chemistry major and biochemistry major. The Chemistry faculty design their research programs specifically with student participation in mind. (Information about specific faculty research may be found on their research links below.)

Research participation is encouraged and is open for all chemistry majors as well as the pre-professional chemistry and biochemistry majors, as individual faculty schedules allow. Pre-professional majors are expected to do research, so they will be given priority.

Link to Gustavus Science Student Research Website

Summer Research Opportunities in Chemistry + Biochemistry for Gustavus Students (on- & off-campus)

Academic-Year Research Opportunities for Student/Faculty Collaboration

  • Sigma Xi funding for student/faculty research is available through Sigma Xi each academic year. Calls for applications are announced and posted online two times per year: in September and in late January/early Feb. Student researchers present their research at the Sigma Xi symposium held every spring in early April/late May, on the Friday prior to Honors Day. Link to Sigma Xi website for the online application, research symposia details, etc. 
  • IEX Research Course - offered during January term.
  • Independent Study


  • Instrumentation Webpage
  • Visualization & Imagining Center
    • The Center is a three room facility that offers a range of capabilities. One room contains a Zeiss LSM 700 laser scanning confocal microscope, built using an inverted Zeiss Axio Observer stand augmented with a fully motorized stage and a second detector, a high-resolution CCD camera. The Center also has a fluorescence imaging room with a HORIBA Fluoromax-4 fluorescence spectrometer equipped with integrated cuvette stirring, brackets for supplemental filters, programmable temperature control, and rotatable filters for polarized light (i.e. to detect anisotropy). An accompanying computer suite contains six dual-monitor workstations with imaging and molecular modeling software, including two with stereographic viewing capability, plus both stereographic and high-definition image projection systems. These spaces are used for faculty-student collaborative research and for instructional purposes. The Center was equipped in part due to generous support from a Howard Hughes Medical Institute science education grant. Questions about the facility and reservation requests can be directed to Jeff Dahlseid. . 
    • Reservation Calendar (The reservation calendar for the Center may be accessed by those with a Gustavus network username.)

Research Symposia & Seminars

Chemistry Department Faculty and their Research
Faculty / e-mail links Webpage links
Dr. Scott Bur Research
Dr. Jeff Dahlseid Research
Dr. Jeff Jeremiason Research
Dr. Brenda Kelly Research
Dr. Amanda Nienow Research
Dr. Brian O'Brien Research
Dr. Jim Parejko  
Dr. Brandy Russell Research
Dr. Dwight Stoll Research

Retired Faculty

Dr. Thomas Gover Research
Dr. Lawrence Potts Research
Dr. Al Splittgerber Research
Dr. Todd Swanson Research

Former Faculty

Dr. Geoffrey Bowers Research
Dr. Stephen Miller Research
Dr. Jonathan Smith Research



Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant (link to webpage)

Past Student Research