The Challenge CurriculumGeneral Education at Gustavus Adolphus College

The purpose of a Gustavus education is to help its students attain their full potential as persons, to develop in them a capacity and passion for lifelong learning, and to prepare them for fulfilling lives of leadership and service.

Gustavus's approach to the liberal arts is embodied in its Challenge Curriculum, which provides the intellectual foundation for Gustavus’s commitment to our mission and core values of excellence, community, justice, service, and faith. Gustavus students develop as critical thinkers, ethical actors, global citizens, and effective communicators—to become people able and willing to work, increase knowledge about complex issues, and strive for peace and justice in the world.

In the 21st century, students will confront new questions and challenges. The Challenge Curriculum introduces students to some of the ideas and perspectives as well as the skills, abilities, and habits of mind they will need to address those questions and challenges. It provides them with opportunities to engage authentic problems. And it will encourage them to become active citizens who work for the common good by forging connections among people, place, and different forms of knowledge.