Tap Someone Who...

Group Reflection Activity


  • List of Qualifiers


  1. Have everyone sit silently in a circle with their eyes closed. 
  2. Choose three or more participants at a time (depending on the size of the group) to stand in the center of the circle. 
  3. Call out a qualifier (“Tap someone who was a positive influence on you today…”), the people in the center then touch the individuals who fit this qualifier on the shoulder. 
  4. After three or four qualifiers, change the people who are in the center.

Common qualifiers:

  • "Made a positive impact"
  • "Made you smile"
  • "You want to get to know more"
  • "Changed the world"
  • "Has a positive outlook on life"
  • "Just 'gets it'"
  • "Is stronger than they think"
  • "You can count on"
  • "You would call a friend"
  • "Makes you laugh"
  • "Would offer a shoulder to cry on or hand to help"
  • "You look up to"