Self and Team Assessments

Leadership Resources

Self and team assessments provide invididuals and groups tools for understanding and enhancing their personal leadership skills. They help leaders identify their innate, core skills and aid them in understanding themselves, those they lead, and those with whom they lead.

The assessments the Campus Activities Office are able to facilitate are celebrated globally for their efficacy, insight, and ability to advance leaders' influence in their capacities. There are two groups of assessments the Campus Activities Office offers, Self/Team facilitated and Campus Activities Office facilitated. The Self/Team facilitated assessments are free for students to use whenever they wish. The Campus Activies Office facilitated assessments have associated costs and must be arranged in advance.

Self/Team Facilitated (Free)Self Facilitated Logos

Campus Activities Office Facilitated (Cost Associated)Assessments

If you or your organization would like to use these assessments, LET US KNOW