Rope Geometry

Team Building Activity


  • Large Rope
  • Blindfolds
  • Processing questions

Group’s Objective:

  • Create different shapes using a large rope while blindfolded.


  1. Tie the rope to make a large loop (about 20 feet in circumference) and have the participants stand around the loop.
  2. Each participant puts on a blindfold and reaches down to hold the rope.
  3. Once members have the rope, tell them they are told that their hands can slide along the rope, but cannot leave the rope unless instructed.
  4. Give the group the task of making different shapes with the rope.
  5. When the group thinks that they have completed the specific shape, they are allowed to take off their blindfolds to see if they have completed the task.
    • ALL GROUP MEMBERS MUST CONSENSUS before taking off their blindfolds.
  6. Being with easy shapes such as a circle, square, and triangle.
  7. Follow the easier shapes with more complex ones, such as a star, hexagon, heart, or plus sign.
  8. If the group does well, finish with a difficult shape such as a five or six pointed star or letter.
  9. Extra Challenges
    • During one of the shapes, quietly move one participant out of the group and tell them not to talk; see if the other group members notice.
    • Quietly rearrange people after they have grabbed ahold of the rope

Processing Questions:

  • How does this activity relate to teamwork?
  • What process did you use to come to consensus?
  • Did anyone emerge as a leader?
  • How did you handle disagreements?
  • What implications does this activity have for us as a team?