Life Lines

Team Building Activity

Life Lines can a bit more emotional but has been a super powerful tool to use especially at the formation stage of a team.
Materials needed:
  • 1 piece of large paper or tagboard for each participant
  • 1 marker for each participant to use


  1. Give each participant a larger sheet of paper or tag board. They should hold it landscape style and begin drawing a line horizontally across the middle of the paper, starting from the left side.
  2. Each participant should work chronologically from left to the right (representing years of their lives - usually, people start with their birth and go up until the present day). The challenge (by choice) is to list significant times of your life as you move to the right (it ends up resembling a heart rate monitor in a hospital as you list positive things above the horizontal like and what you think are negative things below the line. 
It's all relative to how people perceive the things that have happened to them or what they've gone through. For example, some people put breaking their arm as a positive (above the line) because they got to have all the ice cream they wanted or were pampered at home. This is a real neat way for team members to show vulnerability as they learn about one another. It can be pretty powerful.