Down to One

Team Building Activity


  • 15 place holders in a 5-spot-base triangle (see picture)
  • Processing questions

Group’s Objective:

  • Get down to one person remaining on the spots by strategically moving players


  1. 14 participants will begin in the triangle, there will be one extra spot
    • If there are more than 14 people, the extra people will stay outside of the triangle, but still be able to fully participate
  2. The empty spot can begin anywhere in the triangle
  3. Participants will be moved by “jumping” (going around) one another to an empty spot
    • Only one person can be jumped at a time
  4. Once a participant is jumped, he/she exits the triangle
  5. Participants in the triangle can only move during the act of “jumping” or exiting
  6. If the group does not properly move all the participants, there will be unmovable players spread out in the triangle; they should then start again
    • If you are running out of time, the group could also “move back” the last few jumps, rather than starting over completely
  7. The group has completed the task once one person I left in the triangle

Processing Questions:

  • What worked well for our group?
  • What challenges did you face as a group or individual? Frustrations?
  • Did anyone emerge as a leader in this activity?
  • Was there anyone who felt excluded from the process?
  • Was there anyone who felt they had an advantage in the process?
  • What did you learn about our group in this activity?