Team Building Activity


  • Processing questions

Group’s Objective:

  • Count from 1 to 50


  1. Have one member of the group will begin with “1” and have the counting will continue around the circle.
  2. Put the word “BUZZ” is put in place of a number and counting switches directions when the following occurs:
    • A number that is a multiple of 7
    • A number with a 7 in it (17, 27, etc.)
    • A “double number” (11, 22, etc.)
  3. If a buzz number is said or the wrong person says the next number, the group starts back at 1.
    • Example:
      • The group begins clockwise. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, BUZZ (switch to counterclockwise), 8, 9, 10, BUZZ (back to clockwise), 12, 13, BUZZ (counterclockwise), 15, 16, BUZZ (clockwise), etc.

Processing questions:

  • What made this activity easy for our group?
  • What made this activity difficult for our group?
  • What personal frustrations did you find with this activity?
  • What did you learn about yourself in this activity? What did you learn about our group?