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Today Oct 26 to Nov 1

Saturday, October 26

1 pm
Football at Augsburg · The Gustavus football team plays at Augsburg on Oct. 26. · Minneapolis…
Minneapolis, Minn.
3 pm
Volleyball vs. Saint Benedict · The Gustavus volleyball team plays Saint Benedict at 3pm…
St. Joseph, Minn.
3:30 pm
Men's Soccer at Concordia · The Gustavus Men's Soccer team travels to Concordia on October…
Moorhead, Minn.

Sunday, October 27

Monday, October 28

Tuesday, October 29

3:30 pm
Men's Soccer at Hamline · The Gustavus Men's Soccer team travels to Hamline on October 29th…
St. Paul, Minn.

Wednesday, October 30

7 pm
Volleyball hosts Macalester · The Gustavus volleyball team hosts Macalester at 7pm on October…
St. Peter, Minn.

Thursday, October 31

Friday, November 1

Today Oct 26 to Nov 1