Exercise Physiology Major

The Exercise Physiology major is a broad-based major designed to introduce students to a variety of future careers and graduate study within the health and exercise science field. Students are prepared for management of health and fitness programs in corporate and clinical settings and for graduate study in exercise physiology, public health, and health promotion. In addition to required courses offered within the department, students complete courses in basic sciences and statistics. This major can be combined with a second academic major such as athletic training, business, psychology or communication studies. Through curriculum requirements and independent projects students are able to engage in research projects and present their findings at regional and national venues.

All Exercise Physiology majors are highly encouraged to complete an internship. Students may begin their internship anytime after the completion of their Junior year. Internships can carry anywhere from 1 to 3 credits. If a student chooses to complete their internship during the summer months, they are responsible for paying additional summer tuition fees.


Students along with their advisor choose from a variety of internship cites based on interest, location, and availability. Internship sites can include but are not limited to corporate wellness, health promotion, public health, physical therapy, chiropractic, and personal training experiences. For more information on internships contact Stephanie Otto.

If you are interested in pre-health professions such as Medicine, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Athletic Training please visit our office of Health Professions. If interested in the accelerated 3+2 B.A. in Exercise Physiology and Master in Athletic Training program, please see this typical 5-year plan and/or contact Mary Westby.


If you have questions about a major in Exercise Physiology please contact Stephanie Otto (933-6464) (e-mail sotto@gustavus.edu).


Requirements for completion of a major in Exercise Physiology:

Number Name Credits
HES 219 Group Exercise Leadership (WELBG) 1.0 course
HES 220 Research and Statistics in Health and Exercise Science (QUANT) 1.0 course
HES 222 Applied Human Nutrition (WELBG) 1.0 course
HES 226* Exercise Psychology (WRITL) 1.0 course
PBH 227* Health Program Planning 1.0 course
HES 234 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 1.0 course
HES 235 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (NTSCI) 1.0 course
HES 250 Research Methods (WRITD) 1.0 course
HES 300 Research Presentation in Health and Exercise Science .25 course
HES 308 Physiology of Exercise 1.0 course
HES 309 Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy 1.0 course
HES 310 Physiological Assessment 1.0 course
HES 313 Exercise, Diet, and Chronic Disease 1.0 course
PBH 330* Health Behavior 1.0 course
PBH 338* Epidemiology 1.0 course
HES 398** Exercise Physiology Seminar (WRITD) 1.0 course

* Students must take one of these courses.
** Must hold current CPR (Red Cross preferred) or BLS certification