Sesquicentennial Purpose and Goals

Celebrating 150 Years

Gustavus Adolphus College Sesquicentennial Year of Celebration Purpose

The purpose of the Sesquicentennial year of celebration is for the Gustavus community to take pride in the College’s history and traditions and deepen their own engagement, while providing momentum for a future of sustained excellence.

Goal 1:  Celebrate the Gustavus core values and mission

Goal 2:  Capture and tell the “Gustavus story” within the Gustavus community and beyond

Honor and celebrate people, places, events in College history

Honor and celebrate Swedish immigrant history

Honor and celebrate Lutheran tradition

Honor and celebrate areas of diversity

Honor and celebrate our connection to place, being a college built in the prairie, our connection to our immediate surroundings and the broader environment

Goal 3: Dramatically expand the number of people and depth of their engagement with Gustavus during the Sesquicentennial year while planning ways to sustain this engagement past 2012

References to Gustavus community mean students, employees, alumni, parents, and all other friends.


Sesquicentennial Planning Groups

The Steering Committee held its first meeting in November of 2009 with other groups being created and working until the launch of the Sesquicentennial in September 2011.

Summary of Committees
Steering Committee
Advisory Committee
Academic Excellence
Campus Launch
Campus Visuals
Celebrate St. Peter Day
Class of 2012/Current Students
Kickoff Dinner/Homecoming

All total - Involved 143 people and 13 committees

Steering Committee
Joe Carlson '12 – Current Student
Rev. Brian Fragodt '81 – Member of the Gustavus Board of Trustees
Will Freiert – Professor of Classics
Katelyn Johnson ’10 – Current student, intern
Steve Kjellgren ‘86 – Director of Dining Service
Chaplain Rachel Larson
Kris Ohle
Deirdre Rosenfeld – Assistant Dean of Students
Anna Swenson '12 – Current Student
Dean Wahlund ’72 – Marketing and Communication Office at Gustavus

Advisory Committee
Elaine Brostrom - Retired Director of Public Affairs at Gustavus
Steve Waldhauser '70 -Marketing and Communication Office at Gustavus
Bob Peterson '58 - Retired Vice President of Development at Gustavus
Mark Bernhardson '71 - Vice Chair of Gustavus Board of Trustees
Barbara Carlson '70 - Alum, parents, and part of the President Edgar Carlson family
Barbara Krig '52 - Alum, parent, and part of the Eckman family
Roland Thorstensson - Professor of Scandinavian Studies
Moose Malmquist '53 - Retired Athletic Director at Gustavus and member of the Alumni Board of Directors
Kristin Prestegaard '99 - Member of the Alumni Board of Directors
Jen Fox '12 - Current Student
Brandon Hirdler '12 - Current Student

Academic Excellence
Margaret Bloch-Qazi – Chemistry professor 
Tom Emmert - History professor  
Paul Saulneir – Physics professor
Sean Cobb - English professor            
Chair, Jon Grinnell – Biology professor

Moose Malmquist ’53
Evie Erdman ’73
Jay Schoenebeck ’80
Sarah Moe ’02
Buster West ’71
Kermit Swanson
Milt Brostrom ’49
Tom Brown- Assistant Athletic Director
Tim Kennedy - Director of Sports Information
Al Molde - Athletic Director
Brian Fowler - Sports Pix

Book Committee
Chair,Jeff Jenson - Archivist
Steve Waldhauser - Marketing
Randy Stuckey- Alumni Relations
Judy Schultz - Book Mark
Bryon Nordstrom - Emeritus Faculty
Dave Kenny - Author
Peg Guilfoyle – Project manager
Cathy Spengler - Designer

Campus Launch
Judy Douglas – Alcohol and Drug Education
Margi Willmert – Dining Services
Naomi Quiram – Print and Mail Services
Charlie Strey – Residential Life

Campus Visuals Committee
Chair, Anna Dieke - Marketing
Chair, Megan Ruble - Student Activities
Warren Wunderlich - Physical Plant
Don Meyer - Hillstrom Museum of Art
Josh Carter ’03 - Special events at Target Corp.
Kay Moline - faculty emeritus
Heather Pallas ’12 – Current Student
Jenni Goeke ’12 – Current Student

Celebrate St. Peter Day
Shirley Mellema - Arboretum
Kevin Birr - Dining Service
Tom Brown - Athletics
Matt Brostrom - Pell Insurance
Lisa Gault- Nicollet County Bank
Don Meyers - Hillstrom Museum
Anders Ringdahl-Mayland – Chamber of Commerce
Dean Wahlund - Marketing
Molly Yunkers - Book Mark
Steve Kjellgren - Dining Service
Hannah Fischer ’12
Kojo Addo ’12
Chris Duhaime ’12
Stacey Tigges ’12

Class of 2012/Flat Gus
Approximately 20 members of the class of 2012 worked in several ways to help with the celebration including with the campus kick-off and the Flat Gus project.

Erin Wilken – Alumni Relations
Megan Myhre – Alumni Relations
Andrea Junso – Student Activities
Margi Willmert – Dining Services

Merchandise Committee
Stacia Vogel - Marketing
Mary Koch - Book Mark
Erin Wilken - Alumni Relations
Joy Reese - Admission

Jeffrey Rathlef - Community Service Center
Julie Johnson - Academic Advising
Ben Lennard - Historical Society
Chris Johnson – Center for Vocational Reflection
Claire Plank ’07 - Minnesota 150 planning staff
Kristine Straumann - Institutional Advancement
Glenn Kranking - History faculty
Florence Amamoto - English
Dan Moos - Education
John Lammert - Biology
Scott Bur - Chemistry
Abigail Roff ’12

Web Committee
Chair, Jerry Nowell - Web Team
David Kogler - Admission
Erin Wilken – Alumni Relations
Joe Lencioni – Web Team
Steve Vogt - Marketing
Kristen Nelson – Career Center
Tom Lany ’12

Sesquicentennial Interns
Katelyn Johnson ’10
Matt Schueffner ’10
Brandon Hirdler ’12
Bergit Nerheim ’11
Sean Tessmer ’11
Anna Swenson '12
Matt Wasson '12
Kojo Addo '12
Muresuk Mena '13
Mary Dierkes '12

Sesquicentennial Staff
Barb Larson Taylor, coordinator
Maggie Hedland, assistant