Sesquicentennial Book Reviews

Student Review

Anna Swenson ’12

I just loved reading Gustavus 150 Years of Images and Stories. It has been an excellent conversation starter in my apartment. Both family and friends have noticed the book, which encouraged us to think about our favorite Gustie experiences.

The A to Z format (with the additional Swedish letters Å, Ä, and Ö) was a great way to organize the stories of our college. The photos are magnificent, making the book that much more enjoyable. I am so glad Gustavus made creating this book a priority for the Sesquicentennial. What a great way to remember our school!

Matthew Wasson ’12

The Sesqucentennial books have delightfully captured the heart and soul of Gustavus Adolphus College. For a student graduating in the Sesquicentennial Class, I have learned a wealth of history and knowledge at what has transpired to make this institution so remarkable and anxiously looks forward to another 150 years of excellence. The spirit of Gustavus is alive within these pages, something I can hold dear and share with others long after my amazing 4-years "on the hill" is over.

The pictorial history book is brimming with life and paints a portrait of 150 years of Gustavus's history. The pictures pop off the page and there is so much information, I continue to find something new long after my first perusing. I highly recommend this book to every Gustie to have readily available for family and friends to view and display as a constant reminder of the institution we have been so fortunate to have shared in the legacy of building.

Dennis Johnson ’60 (Former President 2002-2003)

Gustavus: 150 Years of History

Dave Kenney has written a highly readable history of Gustavus for alumni and friends of the college to enjoy. The author’s careful research and incorporation of past histories into this relatively brief account serves to deepen one’s appreciation for the leaders and events that brought the college from humble origins to a position of national prominence . Those of us who have been close to the history of GAC might quibble about what was emphasized and what (and who) was overlooked, but when this book is combined with the companion picture book, Gustavus: 150 Years of Images and Stories, one has a satisfying sense of what it means to be a Gustavian. We can take pride in the great achievements of the past 150 years and renew our faith in the future of our college as it continues to educate young people for lives of leadership and service.

Jen Fox ’12

The Sesquicentennial coffee table book has quickly leapt into the hearts and homes of so many Gustavus families and friends. With photos and comments from Gustavus past and present, it provides an outstanding and comprehensive review of the past 150 years. Alumni, friends, and students are lucky this piece of art was compiled as a stepping stone of reflection to bring us forward into our next 150 years.