Request to Host Minors on Campus

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Event Information
  • This form is to be submitted by anyone holding an event on campus that would include minors.
  • An event is any gathering of 2 or more people for an organized activity.
  • Submission of this form DOES NOT reserve space, you must reserve space through Campus Reservations.

Specific room and building.

How often will this event occur Required

Additional event details Required

Select the area to which your department reports Required

Gustavus Employee/Student in Charge Infomation

Will there be potential for any adult over 18 to have one-on-one contact with minors? Required

List all adults working with this event along with their entire email address and specify if they could have potential one-on-one contact with minors.

I have read the policy on Hosting Minors on Campus and will complete all needed staps listed on the website. Required Hosting Minors on Campus

You will be charged