Words of Praise

Sid Selvaraj, Student '08

I write to briefly relate my experiences with The Center for Vocational Reflection over the past two and a half years here at Gustavus Adolphus College. I have always known the CVR has been a great support to me in several of my ventures, but the integral part they have played in my college experience so far has become even more apparent to me in hindsight.

My experiences with the CVR and its various programs have been incredibly varied. Thanks to the CVR, I learnt the art of inquisition in Washington D.C., the art of listening in Boston, the joy of service in Mississippi. Through the CVR, I have been enriched by several reputable speakers on topics that have ranged from that of leadership to ones on faith. Through the CVR I have been able to explore and experience a varied field of personal interests through Model United Nation events, faith based conferences and service opportunities across the country. These experiences have truly afforded me an integral support structure, in deciding what my personal future holds and how I can use this for the better common good.

Beyond this I realize that there are several events and projects I may have taken part in without even knowing of the CVR's support for the project. I see this as one of the immensely positive qualities of the CVR. A quality of selflessly giving of time and resources without too much attention to ensuring they receive their due credit.

Another immensely positive quality I have noticed is that the folk in the CVR never discourage a project, no matter how "unique" it may seem. Instead, they take the time and effort to offer feedback in order to shape the project and improve it, or work on a change of gears altogether to investigate the projects viability. The folks who work in the CVR - Amy, Chris, Tessa, Carlie, Lindsay and the other interns through the years have been some of the most helpful people I have met on campus.

The time and effort the CVR put in to ensure their wings are spread across campus are truly amazing. I honestly believe that with their resources, the CVR is doing a truly amazing job at reaching out to a large variety of people within our community on the hill and beyond. I believe with even more support from the administration, the CVR could spread its wings even further and continue to be a vital resource for several Gusties in figuring one "what they are here for".

I cannot speak highly enough of the efforts of the CVR across campus and cannot be more grateful to them for the part they have played in my life. I look forward to continue working with the CVR on projects in the future.