What is vocation, anyway?

Center for Servant Leadership

Vocation means “calling" and is thought of as a person's life purpose.
Vocation is more than your job, occupation, or career.
Vocation is something that grows out of our life experiences. It has to do with being of service to others in roles and relationships throughout one’s life.

Thinking about vocation as a “calling” can cause a person to think about the source of the call, which can be different things for different people. For some it is God or the Divine; for others it is the community, other people and their needs, nature, or one’s deepest self.

Finally, vocation is linked with reflection and implies an ongoing dynamic of:
Listening and responding
Seeking and discovering
Questions and “answers”

All the staff in the CSL weave the concept of vocation and purpose into their work.

Questions on vocation may be directed to Amy Perhson, Director of Mentoring, Vocation and Leadership.